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Dytech Automotive



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Labor Relations & Employee Engagement


Dispute Resolution and Engagement


A global leader in automotive industry faced decreasing engagement level of the workforce and dispute with labor union, amid growing worker unrest in Turkish automotive industry.
StratejiCo. provided dispute resolution and employee engagement services to help company management maintain quality and efficiency.


The Challenge

Dytech Automotive faced labor unease in the aftermath of general strikes in Turkish automotive industry in May 215. The situation got further complicated due to the competition between two rival labor unions. In the mean time, workers demanded more rights and better conditions. This challenge generated tension in labor relations, decreased engagement level of employees at all levels and thereby affected companies’ productivity, quality and workplace peace.

As a result of surfacing unease among the employees regarding the current labor union and working conditions, StratejiCo. has analyzed the current state and has also been involved in existing process since July 2015  to minimize the risks related to labor tension and to improve the relationship with the new Union.

The Solution  

After one-to-one meetings with management team, focus groups and survey with blue-collar workers, StratejiCo. has determined three main goals to help Dytech achieve its business objectives. These are providing support to Dytech Management on negotiations and relationship building with the labor union; increasing engagement level of the blue and white collar workforce; and providing mitigation measures to prevent crisis situation.


At the end of the project, the cooperation between Dytech and the union was ensured. Sub-project participated by the employees launched for the improvement of business objectives. Both labour union and a great majority of the labour force showed positive results in the basic KPIs as quality, productivity and absenteeism with the implementation of designated projects.