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Tansu Çiller     


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“Two Keys” Campaign


StratejiCo. developed an election campaign that appealed to a great majority of Turkish political voters and brought Tansu Çiller to the post of Prime Minister.


The Challenge   

Political newcomer Tansu Çiller was determined to become Turkey’s first female prime minister. In 1994, faced with a formidable opponent in the popular former Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel, Çiller and her top advisor, Columbia University Professor of Finance Yaman Aşikoğlu, hired StratejiCo. to manage the campaign.

The Solution 

We conceived the famous “Two Keys Campaign” which dominated the entire election cycle and vaulted Çiller to success, first as president of her party and then as prime minister of the country. StratejiCo., to avoid any conflict of interest, stopped serving the Çiller campaign when she became prime minister.


To this day, StratejiCo.’s “Two Keys” is still remembered by nearly everyone who participated in that election. StratejiCo. has since worked on a number of political campaigns.