Type of Service:

Investment & Divestment


Market Research and Relationship Building


FloraHolland is a global leader in the floriculture sector and a Dutch royal brand. As a part of its new strategy to expand to international markets, FloraHolland chose Turkey as a target country. StratejiCo. Helped FloraHolland gather insight about the flower sector in Turkey, build relationships, and engage the public and private stakeholders.

The Challenge

FloraHolland created a new strategy to meet the demands of its members to develop new market opportunities and a greater share in global floraculture sector. Turkey is chosen as the pivot country due to its geographical location and market potential.  StratejiCo. was assigned to provide knowledge and relationships to FloraHolland. An important challenge to overcome was building trust with Turkish floriculture players to affirm that FloraHolland aims to create greater market opportunities for all parties rather than increase competition at the local level. 

The Solution

In the first phase, StratejiCo.  focused on market research and conducted impact analysis of the project to understand how FloraHolland’s entry into the Turkish flower market would affect public and private stakeholders. Based on the insight provided by StratejiCo., FloraHolland’s management made the decision to further explore the Turkish market. At this stage, we helped our client build influence among sfloriculture players and gather iinsight in a rather opaque market.


FloraHolland made the decision to develop Turkey as a target country. StratejiCo. currently advises the client to increase flower trade between Holland and Turkey, develop projects to increase the fair share of FloraHolland members, and helps FloraHolland to build their reputation for a sustainable cooperation with Turkish public and private stakeholders.