Greif FPS (Crisis Management)


Greif FPS



Type of Service:

Crisis Management


Dispute Resolution and Reputation Management


A global leader in the textile industry faced labor unrest that led to major production disruption in its main plant in Turkey. StratejiCo. effectively managed crisis communication to prevent reputation damage, provided dispute resolution between the labor union and company management, and engaged public authorities to coordinate administrative and security matters.

The Challenge  

A group of blue collar workers illegally occupied one of GREIF’s main plants in Turkey during the collective bargaining agreement negotiations between company management and labor union in 2014. A politically motivated group, claiming to obtain greater rights, organized the workers to halt the production and refuse to leave the premises.  

The incident put GREIF’s reputation at risk, damaged its relations with the employees, created disagreements with the labor union, and endangered the health and safety of several people.

The Solution 

StratejiCo. was brought in to handle the crisis situation, reclaim the occupied plant safely and find a sustainable solution between the company, workers and the union. 

The StratejiCo. team analyzed the situation on the ground and started negotiations with the labor union to control the unrest. In the meantime, StratejiCo. helped company management reach out to all workers inside and outside the plant. GREIF and the labor union reached an agreement about the new working conditions to be offered to the employees. StratejiCo. helped GREIF’s executives engage public authorities and other stakeholders to get their support during the process. In the meantime, main media outlets were provided with the facts to prevent the dissemination of misinformation.


As a result of the intensive crisis management and stakeholder engagement efforts, most of the employees left the plant before the police safely cleared the building. The labor union supported GREIF management in its attempts to create a more engaged and productive workforce. GREIF management has taken steps to build a sustainable future in Turkey.