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Strategy Development and Change Management


Corporate and Strategic Communication Consultancy


Koç Holding, one of Turkey's largest and longest-established conglomerates, was trying to improve its reputation by increasing its co-operation with its partners. StratejiCo. has developed a strategic business model which is still the basis of Koç Holding's public perception today.‚Äč

The Challenge   

In 1998, StratejiCo. (together with Bersay and ORSA) was appointed by KOÇ Group, the largest conglomerate in Turkey, to determine the reasons behind misperception of investors and public. Company directors, believing that simple misperceptions amongst international financiers led to the disappointing stock-price, directed StratejiCo. to reposition the KOÇ brand.

The Solution  

After careful research and investigation, we discovered a more serious problem: the Turkish public thought that KOÇ company leaders abused power by exerting influence on government, leading to the group’s unpopularity. The situation was made worse by KOÇ’s refusal to make much of its corporate information available to the public. The consultancy group developed a powerful strategy, the KOÇ Strategic Communications Model (KOCSIM), which resulted in a monumental shift in corporate culture and a better understanding of KOÇ by the international financial community.


Today, KOÇ enjoys a positive reputation and is well liked in Turkey, where 95% of households consistently buy KOÇ products. StratejiCo. is hailed as setting the benchmark for corporate and strategic communication consultancy.