Type of Service:

Investment & Divestment


Market Research and Advice


Mitsubishi faced difficulty in determining the volume of its sales and operations in Turkey. StratejiCo. advised the right business strategy based on market research.


The Challenge

In 1991, the majority of Turkish municipalities began offering incentives to intercity bus manufacturers to renew and expand fleets. German automaker MAN (who along with Mercedes and Mitsubishi dominated the market) had recently made a huge investment as a result of their feasibility study predicting a significant increase in demand for buses. Mitsubishi, urged by its Turkish partner to respond to MAN’s bold initiative, appointed StratejiCo. to independently assess market conditions and future demand.

The Solution 

After careful investigation and research, we determined that demand would shrink. Mitsubishi, relying on our advice, developed its marketing strategy and did not renew or expand its fleet.


In the end, bus sales plummeted by 50%, forcing MAN to declare bankruptcy within the next two years. Mitsubishi saved millions and maintained profitability thanks to StratejiCo.’s advice.