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Type of Service:

Community Engagement


Strategic Communications


An urban transformation company needs to engage the community and outperform its rivals to implement successful urban transformation. StratejiCo. provides perception research and engagement consultancy services to find a mutual beneficial solution for both investors and property owners.

The Challenge

Sampaş an urban planning company is leading the consortium that undertakes one of the biggest urban regeneration projects in Istanbul. The project requires to be officially authorized by at least 70 percent of district’s property owners. In addition to this, rival investors compete to get greater share in the project. Therefore, Sampaş had to engage the local community while maintaining its competitive edge.

This situation necessitated Sampaş to get in contact with beneficiaries, prepare perception management and community engagement campaign.

The Solution  

StratejiCo. was brought in to provide consultancy on situation analysis and engagement activities. The process started with one-to-one interviews with project officials to understand their current perception about the issues faced on the ground.     This was followed by field survey and focus group meetings with beneficiaries. The data was analyzed to understand expectations of the community. Based on the findings, StratejiCo. developed an road map to incentivize beneficiaries to support the project.


The road map and the research we conducted have demonstrated the value of examining residents’ perception about impacts of urban transformation in the district.  As a result of findings about characteristics of the district and local people inferring from these intensive workshops and field research, a general communication strategy has been prepared.