Information and Communications Technology

Type of Service:

Crisis Management and Government Relations


Strategic Communications, Dispute Resolution


A global telecommunications company faces a dispute during the acquisition of shares in Turkey’s biggest GSM operator.

StratejiCo. provided a strategy to position the client as a value-added partner of Turkey to engage public and private stakeholders to solve the dispute.


The Challenge   

TeliaSonera, the Swedish telecommunications company, encountered a conflict of interest between the shareholders during the acquisition of some shares of Turkcell, Turkey’s biggest GSM operator. The dispute became a commercial and political issue due to the size of transaction, which was supposed to be one of the biggest foreign direct investments in Turkey.

The Solution  

StratejiCo. developed strategic positioning to engage public and private stakeholders (including the government, regulatory institutions, media, business organizations, and opinion leaders) based on the good governance practices that TeliaSonera could promote. The strategy aimed to transform Turkcell into a regional GSM operator, extending Turkey’s commercial influence beyond its borders.

StratejiCo. created and established the international GOOD (Good Corporate Governance) program, consisting of a series of panels and conferences, in collaboration with Bo─čaziçi University, Corporate Governance Association of Turkey and the Swedish Trade Council, while TeliaSonera designed and implemented this value proposition in all relations. The program has echoed at a rate that would even provide the participation of the King of Sweden.


TeliaSonera has maintained its robust position quite well during this challenging process, and established effective relations with public and private sector representatives in Turkey, increasing the company’s reputation among opinion leaders and reducing the risks associated with its operations.