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Corporate Governance Perception Research 


Corporate Governance Association of Turkey requested a research report on its 10th anniversary

By employing quantitative and qualitative methods, StratejiCo. has completed comprehensive corporate governance perception research and presented the report at the Corporate Governance Summit in 2015.


The Challenge 

The Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) is a non-profit organization aiming to develop and promote adherence to corporate governance standards and guidelines in Turkey. TKYD has significantly increased its membership base over the past few years, thanks to the greater need by corporations in Turkey to apply good governance principles. For this reason, the association wanted to have a comprehensive overview on the perception of corporate governance in Turkey and share it with relevant stakeholders.

The Solution 

StratejiCo., in coordination with the TKYD Board of Directors, determined the main purpose of the report as the following: specifying the obstacles of further development of corporate governance (barriers) and reveal the factors contributing to its development (drivers). 

StratejiCo. completed two-step (qualitative and quantitative) research. In the first step, in-depth interviews with 21 senior executives (including founders, shareholders, managers) were conducted. Using a semi-structured interview method, respondents shared their opinion about the perception of corporate governance in Turkey. In the second step, the findings were transformed into hypotheses to be tested in the quantitative survey.


The scope of insight and research delivered by StratejiCo. allowed the client to develop a clear understanding, robust and comprehensive view of the corporate governance in Turkey, as well as their overall strategic position and reputation. The results were shared with the Turkish public and corporate governance stakeholders at  Corporate Governance Summit in 2015, in addition to relevant publications.