Turkish Privatization Agency


Turkish Privatization Agency 



Type of Service:

Community Engagement


Turkey’s First Privatization  


StratejiCo. helped the Turkish government shape public perception to get the support for Turkey’s first initial public offering.


The Challenge:   

Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal appointed Wharton Business School Professor Bülent Gültekin to lead the country’s new privatization agency. The decision was met with robust political debates and public demonstrations, but the agency still decided to proceed with its first IPO of cement company ÇimentaƟ.

The Solution:  

StratejiCo. was appointed to assist the team in shifting public perception in favor of the privatization, the success of which was to be a cornerstone of the government’s new economic reform policies, and to accurately determine demand for the deal.

The Result

The IPO proved to be a massive success and is seen as instrumental in forever altering Turkey’s economic policy.