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Yapı Kredi    



Type of Service:

Investment & Divestment


Launching Turkey’s First Credit Card 


One of Turkey’s biggest private banks Yapı Kredi was trying to understand the market demand of credit card ownership.

StratejiCo.’s advice helped the company’s management be prepared for unexpected market conditions.


The Challenge:   

Turkish bank Yapı Kredi set its sights in 1989 on shaking up the banking industry in Turkey, which then offered no consumer credit and only limited use of debit cards. To implement its top-priority strategy of becoming the country’s first real consumer bank, StratejiCo. was appointed with a mandate to first assess the real demands of the bank’s customers and then to forecast potential demand.

The Solution:  

StratejiCo.’s research demonstrated that the demand for ownership of credit cards would exceed the market analysis of company management. We advised Yapı Kredi to improve its business processes and IT infrastructure to meet the rapidly growing customer expectations.

The Result

StratejiCo.’s forecast of one million card holders, which far exceeded the bank’s estimate of only 100,000, proved to be accurate, and Yapı Kredi was all too delighted to be forced to upgrade its computer hardware and software to accommodate the surge in demand.