Industry Expertise

Our Agnostic Approach

At StratejiCo. we follow an agnostic approach towards our client’s sector. Our services are sector-independent and customized for each and every client. Our references show a range of industries including: Defense, government, health, energy, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and NGO’s.
  • The agriculture sector has always been important for economic growth and rural employment.

  • Construction and infrastructure projects have gained prominence in Turkey and other developing countries due to two main reasons.

  • Geopolitical tensions in Eurasia make the aerospace and defense industry crucial components of regional politics.

  • The energy landscape in the Eurasia region has changed rapidly over the past decade, with developments giving Turkey a critical role.

  • Functioning as the engine of growth during an economic boom, financial services companies face more trouble than any other sector in turbulent times.

  • Politicians around the globe understand the importance of gaining and maintaining popular support.

  • The health and pharmaceuticals sector is an extremely vital area of interest for companies, governments and communities.

  • As a business field expanding at an outstanding pace since early 2000s, information and communications technology is now among the most promising sectors in developing countries.

  • The manufacturing sector faces challenges in an increasingly competitive international market.

  • Professional services and activities of civil society are critical to the success of the private sector.