Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and infrastructure projects have gained prominence in Turkey and other developing countries due to two main reasons. First, rapid urbanization rates and increasing expectations of the middle class have spurred construction. Second, governments aim to fuel economic growth by increasing public spending on giant infrastructure projects. Urbanization comes with its own risks. Therefore, governments must carefully handle social and environmental challenges, while the private sector should develop strategies to meet customer demands.

StratejiCo. advises both public and private actors to realize construction and infrastructure projects in a way that benefits communities, businesses and governments. By employing innovative methods, including smart cities and energy efficiency, we help investors build the living facilities of tomorrow.

Relevant Case Studies

An urban transformation company needs to engage the community and outperform its rivals to implement successful urban transformation. StratejiCo. provides perception research and engagement consultancy services to find a mutual beneficial solution for both investors and property owners.

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Gaziosmanpa┼ča has been assigned as the biggest urban regeneration area in Istanbul. StratejiCo. helped the client to understand the needs of large communities, clearly communicate benefits of the project, and ensure support of the voters.

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