The manufacturing sector faces challenges in an increasingly competitive international market. Business leaders are confronted with tough decisions on pricing, improving quality, and meeting strict regulations on health and safety measures. In Turkey and many developing countries, it is becoming even more difficult to keep the workforce engaged and productive. In addition, corporations in a range of sectors (such as textile, automobile, and electrical machinery) try to find ways to empower their value chain with the aim of becoming innovative, and provide their customers with value-added products.

Keeping up with the emerging trends and maintaining operational competitiveness in the manufacturing sector require fundamental changes in traditional labor strategies. StratejiCo. advises multinational corporations to increase workplace engagement, innovation, and productivity by successfully transforming business and labor models.

Relevant Case Studies

A global leader in the textile industry faced labor unrest that led to major production disruption in its main plant in Turkey. StratejiCo. effectively managed crisis communication to prevent reputation damage, provided dispute resolution between the labor union and company management, and engaged public authorities to coordinate administrative and security matters.

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A global leader in the textile industry launched an employee engagement project and a major labor model transformation to create an engaged and productive workforce.

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Mitsubishi faced difficulty in determining the volume of its sales and operations in Turkey. StratejiCo. advised the right business strategy based on market research.

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