Investment & Divestment

What is at stake?

Businesses are looking for ways to expand to international markets and increase business operations for continuous growth. Maintaining a competitive edge in a globalized world is only possible by developing strategies that fit local conditions.

Industry leaders are intrigued by opportunities, but are also aware of the risks in unknown territories. Doing business in emerging markets demands guidance at each step. Uncovering potential not only requires courage, but also a good understanding of local issues, culture and relationships.

What do we promise?

StratejiCo. guides multinational companies that do business in Turkey and other developing markets in Eurasia. Whether it is foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, building trade partnerships or divestment, StratejiCo. provides knowledge, relations and communication you need to achieve business results.

How do we help?

StratejiCo. helps business leaders gather reliable insight about market conditions, understand local dynamics, build relationships among stakeholders and get governmental support. By conducting our proprietary engagement research model, we make sense of the market you are interested in.

Relevant Client Successes 

FloraHolland is a global leader in the floriculture sector and a Dutch royal brand. As a part of its new strategy to expand to international markets, FloraHolland chose Turkey as a target country. StratejiCo. Helped FloraHolland gather insight about the flower sector in Turkey, build relationships, and engage the public and private stakeholders. Click here for more information


Mitsubishi faced difficulty in determining the volume of its sales and operations in Turkey. StratejiCo. advised the right business strategy based on market research. Click here for more information



One of Turkey’s biggest private banks Yapı Kredi was trying to understand the market demand of credit card ownership. StratejiCo.’s advice helped the company’s management be prepared for unexpected market conditions. Click here for more information