Serious, Informed and Determined: Generation Z as a Work Force

Serious, Informed and Determined: Generation Z: The Work as a Work Force

                         June 15,  2016


Generation Z. The up-and-coming entrepreneurs of our age. Although they usually get labeled as “distracted” “spoiled” or “screen-addicts”,  they are a force to be reckoned with. In order to  benefit with and from them, we need to know that their certain characteristics are highly important to understand and adjust, for marketers, recruiters and employers.

First of all, we should acknowledge that Generation Z’s reality growing up was economically tumultuous, they witnessed the financial crisis first hand, and therefore they had a reality check from very early on. Because of this, they are conservative and strategic about money. But that doesn’t mean only money motivate them, on the contrary, they seek jobs where they can improve themselves, and learn from their superiors.

They’re already managing their own brands.

Another specialty of theirs is their entrepreneurial nature. They’re already managing their own brands at social media outlets. Since they can manage new technologies easily, they know how to use them to their advantage, and make profit. Employers can appeal to their entrepreneurial nature by offering them a space that enables them to focus on creative projects related to success in business. Or they can invite the members of Generation Z to be a part of their brand by implementing social media ambassadors or influencer campaigns to their companies.

The biggest mistake employers do when handling Generation Z is not taking them seriously

The biggest mistake employers do when handling Generation Z is not taking them seriously. Members of Generation Z take workspace very seriously, 77% of them already expect to work harder than previous generations. They are very much aware of everything. They are honest, loyal and open-minded, and they expect the same attitude from their leaders. They put honesty and integrity at the top when evaluating a leader.

Their learning style is also technology based.

Growing up in the information era, their learning style is also technology based. For example, they have online-gaming habits; they frequently get together with friends and family for gaming. What employers can do to adjust to this, is to create slightly informal meeting places in the office featuring comfortable seating and visual displays where 2-4 people can meet, in order to spark their creativity.

To sum up what they expect from a workspace, Generation Z seeks growth opportunities, generous pay, healthcare benefits and a manager to learn from. They expect to be involved in decision-making and are able to see the big picture when faced with problematic situations.  They are also keen on making a positive impact on whatever industry they’re working in. These are the reasons why they need to be engaged from day one.


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