Creating Change For the Better

We don’t consider any issue “unsolvable” here at StratejiCo. We works as a bridge between the concerned parties and handle every issue or challenge with high expertise and care to help your business get ahead in the completion . Whether it is labor dispute or reputation risk, political uncertainty or community ewxrion; we create change for th better.
  • Businesses and leaders are searching ways to gain competitive advantage through well-defined planning and forecasting mechanisms. In this scope, the value-added information for local and international enterprises is of great importance to have one step forward. For StratejiCo. ‘Business intelligence’ means basically ‘Information’. And information is power.

  • rganizations may need a radical behavioral change in parallel with a strategy change because a new strategy -as a pattern in a stream of decisions- stands for new activities. 70% of the change programs implemented in the companies fail, because change requires the adaptation of the perceptions, behaviors, corporate culture and values.

  • Environmental and social movements have been increasing in Turkey over the past decade, and have had a serious impact on various public projects.Our approach helps companies overcome opposition and find solutions without harming their commercial interests, as well as earn the support of communities, local stakeholders and policymakers.

  • StratejiCo. advises businesses to find sustainable solutions to perplexing issues. Our team orchestrates each part of the crisis situation, including government relations, stakeholder engagement, communication, reputation management, legal instruments and business mediation to deliver the results.

  • Communication between the departments is crucial for an organization to create value that is greater than the sum of its parts. StratejiCo. promises engagement, innovation and productivity at the workplace. We help organizations become more collaborative both internally and externally

  • StratejiCo. guides multinational companies that do business in Turkey and other developing markets in Eurasia. Whether it is foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, building trade partnerships or divestment, StratejiCo. provides knowledge, relations and communication you need to achieve business results.

  • Government always has played a significant role for business in Turkey and other emerging markets, especially in highly regulated industries. StratejiCo. makes sense of the political environment for you. We help business leaders develop an integrated strategy that combines business goals with a well-grounded public affairs approach.

  • Companies always face with reputation problems as well as financial, corporate and labor problems. The dictionary describes ‘reputation’ as the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. How hard to make any difference on perception, especially from a negative one into a positive.To get a well-known -reputable- name is achieved after a long road full of stones, but it takes just a small pebble to get you down.

  • StratejiCo. focuses on the “strategy-structure-culture” triangle to uncover what could make the existing organization more valuable. Our hands-on change and engagement program helps leaders deploy their vision at a granular level, get the support of employees at all levels and reach desired outcomes.