Business Intelligence

What is at stake?

Businesses and leaders are searching ways to gain competitive advantage through well-defined planning and forecasting mechanisms. In this scope, the value-added information for local and international enterprises is of great importance to have one step forward. For StratejiCo. ‘Business intelligence’ means basically ‘Information’. And information is power. Reliable insight is required to make accurate prediction and spot-on decision. It is not only the amount of fact that matters, it is creating a robust model to make sense of the information. What matters is to make a distinction between what matters and what not. Do not get caught up in the noise of information flow. Go beyond the conventional wisdom.

What do we promise?

StratejiCo. guides her clients in their decision making processes - which require a good analysis of the market and socio-political environment. StratejiCo. provides unique information and data for businesses to swiftly grasp the opportunities. As for the international investors, we provide information about the company to be merged or acquired in terms of politics, reputation and governance. 

How do we help?

StratejiCo. helps her clients to have greater insight about business and socio-political environment involving legislations, influencers, think-tankers, competitors, affiliations and other determinant factors. We enable enterprises and investors to know the reputational risks in an entity or grey areas in the legislation -required to be clarified with governmental relations- or operational tendencies. Our reputational due-diligence approach helps our clients understand the kernel of market and companies from a close look. StratejiCo. provides her clients with the ability to determine good and right strategies; guiding for its execution and showing the potential disruptive and black swan events.