Community Engagement

What is at stake?

Rapid urbanization in emerging markets comes with proliferation of development in infrastructure. Environmental and social movements have been increasing in Turkey over the past decade, and have had a serious impact on various public projects. Energy and construction projects in particular draw the attention of the public opinion and can lead to locally organized opposition movements. Decision-makers are under pressure to change or suspend the implementation of critical projects due to the concerns about losing popular support. Therefore, engaging social and political audiences is crucial to winning public support and mitigating opposition to projects.

What do we promise?

StratejiCo. helps companies engage the communities in which they operate. We provide assistance to understand local issues, stakeholders and concerns about your business. Our team works on the ground to advise you on finding mutually acceptable solutions and ways to respond to the social and environmental concerns of the opponents. This approach also helps maximize the benefits to the communities.

How do we help?

We make sense of the social environment and its impact on your business. By conducting vigorous research based on our proprietary engagement model and developing relationships at local level, we help our clients build trust and find ways of working together at local level. This approach helps companies overcome opposition and find solutions without harming their commercial interests, as well as earn the support of communities, local stakeholders and policymakers. In brief, we help you achieve business results by building social bridges.

Relevant Client Successes 

An urban transformation company needs to engage the community and outperform its rivals to implement successful urban transformation. StratejiCo. provides perception research and engagement consultancy services to find a mutual beneficial solution for both investors and property owners.

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Gaziosmanpa┼ča has been assigned as the biggest urban regeneration area in Istanbul. StratejiCo. helped the client to understand the needs of large communities, clearly communicate benefits of the project, and ensure support of the voters.

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StratejiCo. developed an election campaign that appealed to a great majority of Turkish political voters and brought Tansu Çiller to the post of Prime Minister.

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Corporate Governance Association of Turkey requested a research report on its 10th anniversary By employing quantitative and qualitative methods, StratejiCo. has completed comprehensive corporate governance perception research and presented the report at the Corporate Governance Summit in 2015.

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StratejiCo. helped the Turkish government shape public perception to get the support for Turkey’s first initial public offering.

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Relevant Publications 

1. How Turkish People's World View Affects Your Business   -   January 29, 2016
Business need to develop public affairs skilss to achieve business objectives in Turkey. Recent research demontrates what they need the most is to gain trust. 
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2. Community Environmental Movements   -   September 18, 2015
How interaction between businesses, communities and environmental movements are transforming and how business leaders should approach engaging communities in this new era.
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