Crisis Management

What is at stake?

Companies operate in uncertain environments. This is particularly the case in emerging markets, where the policy landscape and its impact on business is often unpredictable. Yet maintaining a competitive edge in the private sector requires uncovering opportunities and making agile decisions. Business leaders depend on actionable insight, reliable relationships and effective communication to achieve business objectives. Having these assets is invaluable, especially when challenges arise. 

What do we promise?

StratejiCo. advises businesses to find sustainable solutions to perplexing issues. Whether it is a disagreement with a government, disputes with a competitor, negative media coverage, legal challenges in business processes or a crisis situation at the workplace, we help our clients overcome difficulties they may face. 

How do we help?

Our team orchestrates each part of the situation, including government relations, stakeholder engagement, communication, reputation management, legal instruments and business mediation to deliver the results. We not only provide rapid results, but also develop strategies and skills based on our engagement model so that our clients can avoid turmoil in the future.

Relevant Case Studies


StratejiCo. helped JWT to turn around and become profitable as the leading marketing communications firm through cost reduction andclient satisfaction.

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A global telecommunications company faces a dispute during the acquisition of shares in Turkey’s biggest GSM operator. StratejiCo. provided a strategy to position the client as a value-added partner of Turkey to engage public and private stakeholders to solve the dispute. 

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