Public Affairs & Government Relations

What is at stake?

Government always has played a significant role for business in Turkey and other emerging markets, especially in highly regulated industries. Regardless of the political party in power, policymakers must consider interests of both the public and private sectors when making decisions that affect business. It is no longer sufficient to have personal relationships. A more comprehensive approach is needed to understand the policymaking environment, as well as interactions between various stakeholders. For this reason, business leaders strive to engage several stakeholders in politics, business, civil society and media in order to create a policy environment favorable to their commercial interests.

What do we promise?

StratejiCo. advises companies on engaging policymakers in a sustainable manner. Whether you are looking for an investment, regulatory change, or another action that requires government involvement, we help you unlock opportunities by getting political and bureaucratic support. Our team monitors the political, legal and bureaucratic landscape to detect signs of developments that could affect your business, and we provide strategic guidance to develop instruments in order to sway the decisions in your favor.

How do we help?

StratejiCo. makes sense of the political environment for you. We help business leaders develop an integrated strategy that combines business goals with a well-grounded public affairs approach. Based on our strategic model, we engage the public and private stakeholders to build clout on your behalf, without any direct involvement in dealmaking.

Relevant Client Successes 

A global telecommunications company faces a dispute during the acquisition of shares in Turkey’s biggest GSM operator. StratejiCo. provided a strategy to position the client as a value-added partner of Turkey to engage public and private stakeholders to solve the dispute.

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2. Turkey's Elections: A Business Perspective   -   November 3, 2015
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3. Government and Stakeholder Engagement   -   September 11, 2015
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