Strategy Development

What is at stake?

Strategy’, etymologically rooted as a military word and highly welcomed in the business world, generally accepted as a high level plan to achieve goal(s) under conditions of uncertainty. For StratejiCo., it is the beginning of the story. As StratejiCo. we believe that a well-developed strategy -with a robust theory behind it- help the companies define and communicate their organizations’ unique position, and keep pace with challenges. Besides that, we strongly believe that strategy is not applicable unless fortified by the culture because culture eats strategy for breakfast as business management guru Peter Ducker said. 

What do we promise?

A strategy without good execution cannot go further than being a good idea embellishing the company reports. Hence, StratejiCo. focuses on the “strategy-structure-culture” triangle to unveil the (human resources) potential and to uncover what could make the existing organization more valuable. Our hands-on change program helps the company leaders deploy their vision at a granular level, get the support of stakeholders at all levels and reach desired outcomes.

How do we help?

StratejiCo. helps to put in front a wide-angled diagnosis report and define the mutual interests together with the company leaders. We then scrutinize the organizational structure and recommend changes. The last and most important part is getting the involvement of people who are expected to carry out activities aligned with the new strategy and structure. With the participation of the employees, the roadmap on how organizational resources, skills, and competencies should be combined to create competitive advantage is being prepared. The company leaders, in an environment ready to take action towards change- articulate their strategy easier in a way that it provides value for employees, customers and shareholders. 

Relevant Case Studies

Undersecretariat for Defense Industries of Turkey has decided to transform the sector to be more competitive and export oriented in 2009. StratejiCo. helped the SSM develop corporate identity to be communicated with all public and private stakeholders.

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A global leader in the textile industry launched an employee engagement project and a major labor model transformation to create an engaged and productive workforce.

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