• Founder and President of StratejiCo.
    Areas of Specialization: Key Strategic Guidance and Planning, Research and Modeling

  • Managing Partner
    Areas of Specialization: Public Affairs, Government Relations and Corporate Affairs

  • Managing Partner
    Areas of Specialization: Finance, Accounting, Administrations, Public Affairs, Corporate Affairs

  • Managing Partner
    Areas of Specialization: Labour Relations, Community Engagement and Union Relations

  • Senior Consultant Areas of Specialization: Marketing Communication, Advertising, Agile Marketing Methodologies, Customer Experience Design, Experiential Marketing and Training Design, Digital Transformation in SMEs.

  • Senior Consultant
    Areas of Specialization: Community Engagement, Stakeholder Engagement

  • Consultant
    Areas of Specialization: Socio-Political Analysis, Research, Public Affairs, Social Media, Marketing and Organizational Behavior

  • Consultant
    Areas of Expertise: Digital Transformation, Digital Maturity Assessment, Service Innovation, Digital Government and Digital Economy Policies

  • Communication Consultant
    Areas of Specialization: Communications Strategy, Public Relations, Media Relations, Corporate Communications

  • Administrative Affairs Manager
    Areas of Specialization: Accounting and Logistics

  • Negotiation Expert
    Negotiation Management, Financial Analysis, Congruence

  • Moderator
    Areas of Specialization: Monitoring, Reporting

  • Graphic Designer
    Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Customer Relations

  • intern
    Areas of interest: Public and Corporate Affairs, Government and Media Relations, Socio-Political Analysis and Digital Marketing

  • intern
    Areas of interest: Digital Transformation, Corporate Affairs and Communications Management, and Media Relations Management Projects.