Emre Doğru worked in several international organizations and multinational companies specializing in research & analysis, political advisory, energy security and geopolitical forecasting in Eurasia region. Mr. Doğru currently coordinates several projects at StratejiCo. Emre Doğru is a graduate of the international relations department of Ankara University - Faculty of Political Science.

He also studied in Belgium and received his MA degree in France, where he specialized in the European Union and its relations with other regions. During his studies, Mr. Doğru worked as an intern at NATO and United Nations Development Programme, where he contributed to the National Human Development Report of Turkey. He later joined Strategic Forecasting, a global geopolitical analysis firm, and worked as Middle East analyst. Mr. Doğru specialized in energy security and defense during the Arab revolutions and led political advisory projects in multiple areas. Mr. Doğru served as the U.S. Representative of TUSIAD (Turkish Industry & Business Association) in 2012. He joined StratejiCo. in early 2013 and currently handles multiple national and international projects. Mr. Doğru has also won the first place award in a competition organized by Bosphorus Energy Club's Young Leaders in Energy Program. Mr. Doğru attended the Young Leaders in Energy conference on December 9, 2015. 

Mr. Doğru is a PhD candidate at Koc University, focusing on non market strategies, business-government relations and energy & defense sectors. 



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