Atilla Aydın

Atilla Aydın


Areas of Specialization: Digital Transformation, Maturity Assessment, Service Innovation, Digital Government and Digital Economy Policies

Atilla Aydın has 10 years of experience in institutional digital transformation and works in both technical and managerial aspects in the fields of digital economy, digital government, digital maturity, strategic planning, requirements analysis, policy analysis, and service innovation. He focuses on the disruptive innovation and organizational transformation that comes with digital technologies.

He is an electronics and communications engineer. Aydın has a master's degree in digital economy and broadband systems at Waseda University in Japan and also continued his Ph.D. degree in management science at TODAİE with a special focus on digital data sovereignty. He started his career with short-term in industrial automation, embedded system design engineering and information security management. Before he joined StratejiCo. in 2018, he worked on various national, sectoral and institutional-scale projects in the field of digital transformation in public administration, tasked with defining digital government strategies and contributed to digital government benchmarks in the UN, OECD, EU, and Waseda University. In this process, he had the opportunity to examine on-site many digital transformation systems in the Far East, Central Asia, and Europe and also has participated in international events and workshops in the field of public service innovation as a UN invitee. At the same time, Aydın involved in ICT sector analysis studies for different consulting firms and NGOs. He has various writings in his field such as academic writings, book chapters, and articles on different social platforms. Aydın was also awarded the TPYME Best Project Team Member "Tough Nut". 

Aydın attaches great importance to NGOs and voluntary works. He has been given various managerial duties since the university years and still continues to his volunteer works in NGOs that focused on information technologies. 


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