Community Engagement

As StratejiCo., we believe that a large-scaled project can’t be successful if the society which is directly affected is overlooked. Like all other projects, we start with analysis and according to our ‘EVE® engagement’ model and the scale of the project we make extensive research. We work for transforming already existing relations into a trust-based network. For this, we develop relations according to our strategy and roadmap. We make our clients reliable in the eyes of the locals, open a path for participative work, increase the impact and contribution of the project to a maximum level.

What is at stake? 

Environmental and social movements have been increasing in Turkey over the past decade and have had a serious impact on various public projects. Energy and construction projects draw the attention of the public opinion and can lead to locally organized opposition movements. Decision-makers are under pressure to change or suspend the implementation of critical projects due to the concerns about losing popular support. Therefore, engaging social and political audiences is crucial to win public support and mitigate opposition for the projects.

How do we help?  

As StratejiCo. we help companies engage the communities in which they operate. We provide assistance to understand local issues, stakeholders and concerns about your business. Our team works on the ground to advise you on finding mutually acceptable solutions and ways to respond to the social and environmental concerns of the opponents. This approach also helps maximize the benefits for the communities.

How do we help?  

We make sense of the social environment and its impact on your business. By conducting rigorous research based on our proprietary ‘EVE® engagement’ model and developing relationships at a local level, we help you build trust and find ways of working together with local communities. For this, we develop our relations through participative projects. This approach helps companies overcome opposition and find solutions without harming their commercial interests, as well as earning the support of communities, local stakeholders and policymakers. In brief, we help you achieve business results by building social bridges, we increase your project’s contribution and impact.



As StratejiCo. we provided Sampaş, an urban transformation company, a perception research and engagement consultancy services to find a mutually beneficial solution for both investors and property owners.
Gaziosmanpaşa has been assigned as the biggest urban transformation area in Istanbul. As StratejiCo. we helped our client to understand the needs and the requests of the local community, to communicate benefits of the project, and to ensure support of the voters.
As StratejiCo. we helped the Turkish government shape the public perception to get the support for Turkey’s first initial public offering (IPO).


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