İnanç Civaz

İnanç Civaz

Managing Partner

Areas of Specialization: Finance, Communications, Digital Marketing, Agile Management

İnanç Civaz, who started her career as a manager candidate in 1999, has gained a wide range work experience on financial or legal processes, marketing and corporate communication, has worked as a manager in many national and international projects. She joined the family of StratejiCo. in 2005 as a Project Coordinator of Corporate Communication and worked for the foundation and managing of the Kazakhstan (Almaata) Office.

She has been working in StratejiCo. as a Managing Partner since 2014 and recently focusing on combining her knowledge on organizational structure with practices of fully applying Agile approach to the business world.

She received the Scrum@Scale certificate from the creator of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland and also Agile Leadership and Change Management certificates. She has founded the StratejiCo. Agile Team and prepared the Agile Guide. She recently gave the Agile Approach Lecture at İstanbul Bilgi University.

She is Galatarasay High School and Koç University Economics graduate and believes in learning different subjects which are seen as not related and producing integral and consistent development. She has earned her master’s degree with thesis in Cultural Management which she has an interest on, at Bilgi University and Bologna University. She speaks multiple languages and travels a lot these days for the foundation of the Netherlands (Lahey) office.

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