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Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) has decided to make the defense industry more competitive and more open to export. As StratejiCo. we helped them to develop a corporate identity to be communicated with all public and private stakeholders.


Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, which is Turkey’s defense procurement authority, has set the goal of making Turkish defense industry competitive and integrated with the international market. The target included introducing unique solutions in accordance with the technological improvements to meet the national strategic defense and security requirements. With this purpose in mind, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries has decided to create a new vision, mission, and strategy.


As StratejiCo. we realized that the actual need for a contemporary defense industry could not be met through just the executive team’s insights and expectations alone. So we suggested the management to include all of its local and foreign stakeholders into the process.

As a result of workshops with Undersecretariat for Defense Industries’ local and foreign customers, we developed a corporate identity report in accordance with the insights and expectations of stakeholders. This report laid the groundwork for Undersecretariat for Defense Industries to create a new vision, mission, and corporate strategy.


With the help of corporate principles derived from the report, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries pioneered the defense industry to expand abroad by succeeding in objectives of increasing exports and promoting Turkish defense firms.

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