About Us

The world moves at a dynamic pace. Conjunctures change, markets change, needs change every instant.  Decision makers are expected to be vigilant and handle several issues in an increasingly volatile ‘VUCA’ environment.  

At StratejiCo. we ensure the adaptability of your business for higher performance: We strive to make the turbulent processes smoother for your business; we understand cyrstal clear the connection between Strategy-Structure and Culture of your company; we provide a sector-independent customized ‘agile’ solutions to lead you to your highest performance at the fastest pace.

As a leading public and corporate affairs consultancy in Turkey and in the broader region since 1987, we offer strategic guidance, trust-based relationships and actionable intelligence to ensure that businesses thrive even under the most challenging situations. In our offices in Istanbul, The Hague and Brussels our expert team delivers utmost care and solutions for any industry from energy to defense.

In a nutshell, we work as your trusted advisor.

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