About Us

As the trusted advisor of your company, we help you to build influence in the sectors you operate. With our 30 years of research experience, we serve as the only consultancy company which provides customized solutions in areas from strategy to crisis management, from reputation management to Agile transformation.

In the rapidly changing world, we guide you to take the lead in the competition, and we enable you to reach the appropriate strategy. We support you in developing trust-based relationships and provide you with knowledge and research which can be put into action. By using our measurable models, we approach your company with a holistic way within the framework of "Strategy-Structure-Culture".

Our EVE model (engagement) measures your company's informal network and employee engagement. Our AgilibityTM research method offers tailored solutions to make you reach your highest performance and we support your Agile Transformation.

In a nutshell, we serve as your strategic partner throughout all your business processes in our offices in Istanbul, The Hague, and Brussels.

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