Agile Approach and Management

In the last years, the structure of the business world has become more complex. In this chaotic atmosphere, vital factors such as increasing operational efficiency and innovation capability, adapting to the digital transformation process, protecting the competitive advantage, handling the employee who contributes the most became harder for the companies.

As a result of the success of Agile Transformation in the IT world, some companies successfully applied the Agile Approach to their different departments and observed its impact. Today, the Agile Approach become prominent for companies wanting to bring themselves into the future.

What is at stake?  

We define the Agile Approach as an interactive work process which is formed by experts from different disciplines and which has clear goals. According to this approach, small teams divide problems into modular pieces and move with developments in each part. The end consumer is always at the heart of the process.

The action-focused Agile Approach is beneficial in very vital topics such as:

  • Motivated, initiative, competent and loyal employees,
  • Company culture focused on creating value, developing with increased innovation skills,
  • Consistently learning organization quality with a multi-disciplinary work atmosphere,
  • A working model spreading to the whole organization and leading to cooperation between different departments
What do we promise?  

Today, it is important for the employees to have good experiences at the workplace and get emotional and rational benefits. Agile Approach provides a base for good experiences with its driving forces (defined performance factors), capabilities (abilities, technical infrastructure, and tools, work atmosphere) and motivation, so it has become ideal for companies.

Technically and structurally, the approach seems intense. But as StratejiCo., we believe in the importance of individual assimilation and communication management. So, we recommend that the approach should be taken as a whole, within the framework of 'Strategy - Structure - Culture'.

How do we help?  

As StratejCo., our integral perception of the Agile Approach has 6 main steps. On the other hand, it is not necessary for every company to apply all these steps respectively. It is recommended that each company applies the steps according to their organizational structure and culture.

Our general process starts with the Agilibility™ research which provides a valuable evaluation. At this point, we detect the current facilitators, company’s capabilities, motivation sources, and driving forces.

After doing the check-up, it is necessary to determine the fields which require development and adaptation for the evolution into an Agile company. This also clarifies the distinction between what you dream for your company and what you are able to reach it.

In the second stage, we create your corporate roadmap and we agree on. Thus, we pick a project which will have leverage effect and then manage it together. Moreover, we simultaneously prepare an extensive communication and engagement plan in order to consolidate the behavioral change and apply it together.



"During the Agile teamwork, I've experienced how team members from different fields of expertise, can use this expertise together for a common goal."
“Thanks to Agile approach we created a cultural transformation that 'belongs to us'. Our workplace became somewhere in which we are now more excited, dynamic, happy and efficient.”


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