Agilibility™ (Entreprise Agility) Research

As StratejiCo., we are aware that for a company to get more agile, a holistic approach to the main 'Strategy - Structure - Culture' triangle creates greater results with an added value.

What is at stake?  

Our approach is based on making strategy, culture, and structure more compatible with each other. We understand and analyze the contexts well.

Every company has a goal, a specific structure, and a living culture. They try to maximize the efficiency of this framework. At the same time, they always need to adapt to external factors.

An organization should create performance indicators according to its goals, develop its infrastructure and employee abilities aligned with each other. It needs to determine the factors which are meaningful for the employees so that it can increase their motivation in order to make them take action.

What do we promise?  

With our new and award-winning Agilibility™ Research, we analyze the current level of performance in your company and possible improvements within a year.

We analyze facilitators, obstacles, abilities, motivation sources, driving forces and the contexts between them. We create you the special formula showing you how to reach your top performance in the fastest way possible.

How do we help?  


Firstly, you need to know yourself as a corporation. Think of this stage as an extensive check-up. At this phase, we determine the 'Strategy – Structure – Culture' perspectives of your company with our comprehensive research methods. We demonstrate how deep are the layers of relations between them.


“Thanks to Agile approach we created a cultural transformation that 'belongs to us'. Our workplace became somewhere in which we are now more excited, dynamic, happy and efficient.”


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