Agilibility™ Model


As StratejiCo., we know from experience that if you don't understand the balance between 'Strategy - Structure - Culture' and don't focus on 'the human', who is expected to show high performance, any change you make will be incomplete.

As StratejiCo., we are aware that for a company to get more Agile, an integral work on the 'Strategy - Culture - Structure' triangle creates result focused added value. 

Every company has a goal, a specific structure, and a living culture. While trying to optimize the efficiency of this triangle companies always need to be able to adapt to external factors. An organization should create performance indicators according to its goals, develop its infrastructure and employee abilities in accordance with each other.

Companies need to determine the factors which are meaningful for their employees and increase their motivation in order to lead them to take action. Thanks to our Agilibility™ Research, we are able to measure your company’s adaptation to change and its potential to show high performance. 


What do we promise? 

Through our Agilibility™ Research, we determine the current level of performance and with the application of some improvements, the possible level of performance within a year. We determine the drivers, barriers, enablers and motivation sources, and the contexts between them. We create the formula to make you reach your maximum performance in the shortest time.


How do we help?  


Firstly, as a corporation, you need to know yourself. You can think of this stage as an extensive check-up. At this phase, we determine the axis of 'Strategy – Structure – Culture' of your company using our comprehensive research methods. We demonstrate the layers of their relations with each other. 


With our Agilibility™ Research, we find out which parameters your company’s success is related to. We quickly observe the links between enablers, drivers, barriers and motivation sources. We detect the fields open for improvement and the barriers in front of them.

  • Do the employees know clearly where the company will go / what its goals are?
  • How effective are the driving forces for the employees?
  • Do the employees know the business goals?
  • What factors will multiply the employees’ performance?

While we find answers to all these questions, and if you request, we customize the questions for you so that we can go into more details. 

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