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In the scope of Ankara Patent who wants to become an agile company, firstly, an analysis of current situation has been made and factors which will carry the process further or disrupt it have been detected. While directors and employees gain theoretical information with various trainings, the first Agile Team, which was founded by volunteer and activist employees, started working with lever project selected in the direction of company needs.


Ankara Patent who started its activities in 1964 for the purposes of contributing to the development of Turkish Industry and of being a guide for Turkey’s first industrialists; was in an integrative transformation from renewal of the organization to a transformation of the ways of working. The company, who conducts its transformation process with supports such as leadership and performance consultancy, was planning to spread the Agile Transformation to the company in general for the purpose of reacting to changes in its environment and sector faster. Ankara Patent who was expecting an Agile Transformation with its goals and appropriate to its vision and mission, applied to StratejiCo. for this journey.


We made in-depth one-to-one interviews, for the purpose of detecting support and will of senior management at first step according to Strateji.Co Cevik Sirket ModelTM and its processes. Afterwards, we examined topics such as expectations from the Agile transformation, development areas and why the Agile transformation is needed, by making focus groups studies with groups randomly selected from employees. We made a comprehensive check-up (current situation analysis) by using AgilibilityTM Index research in order to analyze the current situation aroused  in conclusion of workshops in a quantitative way. In the same research, while making a change  in the company, we detected effective persons who can be the agent of change.

The purpose of this check-up consisting of qualitative and quantitative researches is to determine the purpose of the Ankara Patent Agile transformation, to present the current working way and obstacles in front of the Agile transformation, to detecting priorities and improvement areas by detecting employees’ perception, expectations and demands of Ankara Patent and of new work models.

For Ankara Patent’s Agile transformation journey, we detected Driver and Enabler, Barrier that may slow its development and Motivators that may prevent them from stopping their journey, by AgilibilityTM Index research.

We presented how Ankara Patent can comply with the Agile transformation as well as what kind of a Meaning they find in the Agile transformation journey.

As well as we understand the current situation, we made interactive Agile transformation trainings  to internalize the terms of Agile transformation and Agility. We completed a serial of Agile Mentality Trainings by making digital educational programs for both directors and all Ankara Patent employees.

After our research and training serial, by describing areas that should be developed in the way of being Agile Ankara Patent, we determined which transformation projects we can use to develop the difference between the ideal situation and the current situation.

In the light of the research results, we created a lever team that can carry out agile transformation project. With the lever team, we made a choice between alternative projects that can be lever in the agile transformation and carried it out by sprint applications.


Ankara Patent found their first agile team consisting of different competences and departments and started experimenting the agile transformation by determining a lever project. The team, stating that they are working with more pleasure and motivation with more transparent relationships far from hierarchy, continues spreading the agile transformation approach to Ankara Patent in general.

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