• In his book ''Scrum'', Jeff Sutherland shares his knowledge and experience with his readers by using a simple and clear language.
  • In this article, we will explain what the Scrum framework is and which responsibilities a Scrum Master takes over under this framework. Thus, we can transform from a chauffeur into Max Planck and be able to put our knowledge into action.
  • StratejiCo. Comments: The difference between the Agile approach from traditional management approach requires different skills and characteristics for leadership positions. We hope you enjoy while reading our article which explains 7 competencies that differentiate agile leader from a traditional leader!
  • StratejiCo. comments: Click here to see our new article about how customer satisfaction can be improved with Agile Approach in the Digital Age, in which the company structures organized in silos and hierarchical forms of work have lost their influence.
  • StratejiCo. Comments: While the number of companies that adopt Agile Approach, is increasing day by day, the concept of leadership needed by companies today has become very different from the traditional leadership concept. We hope that you will be pleased to read the features of Agile Leaders and the importance of Agile Training for development of these new roles.
  • Is it possible to increase motivation within a whole company or a team, when people's expectations, characters and ways of doing things are so different from each other?
  • Did it ever happen to you that you didn’t notice how time passed at work? Written by our Founding Partner Selim Oktar, read the third article of our Motivation series named ‘’Do You Have A Magical Fairy?’’
  • Author Daniel Pink explains the purpose for writing his book as: “Clarifying the contradiction between the realities coming existence from scientific research and their implementations in the business world regarding the motivation.”
  • StratejiCo. interprets Turkey's Work Efficiency According to OECD's 2017 Report. Does working for long hours bring work efficiency?
  • Interested in learning the management secrets of legendary investor Warren Buffett? StratejiCo.'s managing partner Emre Dogru, P.hD. shares 3 key ideas that capture the essentials of Buffett's mind.
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