• In this article, we will shed light on the transformation of public administration, which is inevitable under the influence of artificial intelligence, and the practices and policies of states as an organization against the new situation. The entire chapter, which has been reviewed and summarized here, could be found in the book “Artificial Intelligence and Future” edited by Prof. Gonca Telli.
  • Being able to look with the multi-layered approach in order to understand human beings solidifies our assumptions about people. If we want to do business in the world which shaped by instantaneous changes, whatever we sell, it is inevitable to get to know their buyers. For this reason, we have prepared the content of our article on the concept of persona, which is at the very heart of modern business methods.
  • In our previous article, we spoke of some useful ways to apply Agile in your company, or in your team. Moving onto the next article, we will now discuss the differences of Agile than conventional project management methods.
  • In our previous article, we mentioned concepts such as user story, iteration, a retrospective which are essential when implementing the Agile methodology and we briefly explained the requirements needed to be provided in order for an Agile project to be successful. In this article, we will look at the useful implementations to put this method into practice, if you are going to organize an Agile team in your company or if you have joined an Agile team.
  • In the series of articles on the subject of Agile, we are moving onto the third part, in which we dissect the ways of applying the Agile methodology to our company.
  • Foreign investors and multinational companies often face the difficulty of understanding the corporate culture in Turkey. Cultural differences create disharmony, inefficiency and lack of cooperation among business units, which in turn negatively affect business goals.
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