Change Management & Organizational Transformation

We help our clients to manage the changes professionally. We transform the 'change' into a participative and inclusive process which employers, managers, employees and other stakeholders become the architects of their own change.

What is at stake?  

Change is the key to companies’ sustainable success in the competitive global market. Under the rapidly changing circumstances, companies strive to stay ahead of the curve and embrace the change but this is easier said than done. 70% of the change programs fail because change requires adaptation of the perceptions, behaviors, corporate culture and values.

As Stratejico., we strongly believe that the organizational culture "eats strategy for breakfast". Organizations may need a radical behavioral change in parallel with a strategy change because a new strategy means new activities in the decision stream.

If the strategy is being executed without the support of any change management program, your company might also be another example of these failures.


What do we promise?  

Organizational transformation is an ongoing process. It is not a definite period, it is about making the organizational structure more agile. Culture stands in the way of transformation. It is crucial to involve and convince people to act and change the cultural characteristics in the face of new challenges. Within this scope, we promise sustainable change management for our clients.

StratejiCo.'s proprietary and award-winning EVE model (engagement) enables businesses to analyze the root causes of existing problems. Our approach helps our clients make their decisions based on actionable knowledge. Our change management method helps to minimize the potential conflicts and obstacles against the change. In this scope, businesses can shape themselves in front of a change of environment in a more adaptive way.

How do we help?  

We help our clients properly and professionally manage the coming changes. In this scope, we transform the 'change' into a much more participative and inclusive process via which employers, managers, employees or stakeholders become the architects of their change process. We analyze the current situation and articulate the ideal. We apply our 6-step approach to manage the change. We listen to the opinions and concerns, we align the information and suggestions with the leadership view. Then we start to engage people into the process, we enable the stakeholders to commit themselves in the credited change. Finally, we make the process happen effectively with the projected plans and mechanisms.


StratejiCo. has developed a strategic business model which is still the basis of Koç Holding's public perception today.
As StratejiCo. we helped JWT to become profitable as the leading marketing communications firm through cost reduction and customer satisfaction.


Foreign investors and multinational companies often face the difficulty of understanding the corporate culture in Turkey. Cultural differences create disharmony, inefficiency and lack of cooperation among business units, which in turn negatively affect business goals.
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