Corporate Communications

What is at stake? 

Besides doing the job well, a company’s sustainable success depends on correct and healthy communication with all stakeholders. Corporate communication contributes to the company while it creates a message, bringing together its vision, mission, and values.

It supports the communication of the corporate message and actions with the stakeholders. Especially in times like today when the changes emerge fast and a transformation is expected from individuals and companies, expressing itself successfully is very important for a company.

What do we promise? 

In corporate management, determining suitable corporate communication strategies also makes communication powerful. A company creates impact and has a respectful image when stakeholders’ expectations and its own corporate goals are parallel. So the company should be aware of all of its stakeholders’ views while building corporate communication strategies. The structure of corporate communication should cover all the methods which will make the strategic communication successful. This structure is specific to each company but only can be formed when the company’s dynamics and stakeholders are fully observed.

How do we help? 

While working on corporate communication, we start with understanding the company’s vision, mission, and values. Office and field researches, one to one interviews and group discussions are effectively used. We listen to the stakeholders, detect the situation based on the information and determine the necessities. For successful corporate communication we evaluate the company’s strategies.

As StratejiCo., we plan all communication process from determining a corporate brand strategy to applying it to the real world and manage necessary operations. We use corporate communication as a tool for the company’s value-creating process.


StratejiCo. has developed a strategic business model which is still the basis of Koç Holding's public perception today.


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