Corporate Values Study

When a change in a company relies on the cultural values of the general system, it becomes easier to adopt these new behaviors. Actually, defining an organization’s unique culture and values would be much more beneficial, efficient and cost-effective. Appreciating your unique culture and values and transforming them into related actions would increase the efficiency and loyalty of your teams and units, and eventually your whole organization.

What is at stake?  

The company’s vision and strategy should be well perceived by the employees and reflected in their behaviors. This approach should be supported by the corporate culture. The relation between Strategy and Culture is clarified and adopted by the help of 'Values'.

What do we promise?  

As StratejiCo., we believe everything starts with data and correct analysis. We make extensive and measurable research on your current situation. We start with the Values Study first. This includes a qualitative stage with workshops and focus groups, then a quantitative stage which is an online survey. Both stages will be reported correspondingly and the development will be based on participation.

How do we help?  

In the Values Study phase, we determine what your vision and your currently approved values mean to the employees. Moreover, we clarify the current engagement level, critical segments and informal network (ratio of activist, supporter, and shacklers).

Then, as a result of the demanded values set, we determine the abilities set which support the requested values and behavioral changes. We clarify the distinctions between the two situations and start working to create new corporate values, which will be then deeply rooted in the company with the help of mutual projects.

The strategic communication plan we create includes:

  • Current situation analysis,
  • Strategy articulation and priorities,
  • The story of values,
  • Fields which require communication management and stakeholder map,
  • Current and targeted perception of the stakeholders,
  • Main messages for creating the aimed reputation and the spokesperson,
  • Main communication projects which will carry the messages and lead stakeholders to participate,
  • Measuring/success criteria.




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