Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Traditional ways of handling issues with a linear perspective while disregarding the interrelations of the pieces may be insufficient in today’s dynamic conditions. Companies that have goals such as developing organizationally, creating value, gaining competitive advantage and keeping up with the changing world are looking for newer and more effective perspectives.

In a multidimensional world where increasingly complex problems are rising, Design Thinking helps produce creative solutions to familiar and/or brand-new problems through its complementary-different shareholders regarding approach.


What is the subject?

Having an iterative, action-directed and experimental process, Design Thinking is a systematic and adaptive thinking system promoting innovative solutions by adapting to the business world the way of thinking and tools used by designers to create value at the center of the user of the service or the product.

What do we suggest?

There are different approaches around the globe regarding the design thinking-frame. The point combining the different approaches fundamentally is discovering the problem in every aspect, detecting the area of development to be worked on primarily, developing projects (prototype) towards this area and finalizing this area by improving it through user feedback. In today’s conditions where the market conditions are dynamic, it is observed that even a product or a service that has proven themselves have to be in the beta mood all the time. Design thinking tools are being used to put forward the problem and the solution transparently to enable the adaptation of the product or service to the changing conditions.

Design thinking techniques can be used by everyone regardless of the sector, role and station. We, StratejiCo., use design thinking frames and tools during the process of understanding the problem, creating solutions and testing the solutions in a point where we describe our job as creative problem-solving.

How do we help?

From detecting our customers’ needs to producing innovative and value-creating solutions, thanks to the Design thinking canvas and approaches, with the employers of our company, we:

  • Bring out the problems and needs in the most transparent way as much as possible.
  • Create solution-oriented ideas with a creative and comprehensive point of view.
  • Create solutions to your business problems with you by actualizing solutions dividing into concrete and applicable steps in anorder of priority.

Thanks to this creative and delightful process including our employees to every stage, the solutions created all together becomes integral, sustainable and permanent.

For your employees internalizing the Design thinking approach which suggest team-work and creativity-based work and for it becoming a part of your corporate culture, we offer help through the trainings organized with our experts.




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