Digital Transformation

Digital technology is one of the most important phenomena which modern societies put into practice. Besides from the global scaled competition, uncertainty and complexity are now more common, so the digitalization process of the current business and operations became vital for the organizations. On the other hand, business-based digitalization alone is not enough, an organizational transformation should become one of the main arguments.

What is at stake? 

Today, digital infrastructure and services which support corporate goals are the prior necessity of every company. Topics such as digital based management, client priority, digital business continuity, data sharing, digital literacy, brand and campaign management in cyberspaces became one of the main topics in the companies’ agenda. On the other hand, expectations of the clients, corporations, citizens and other users are also growing each day.

What do we promise? 

We are aware that technological devices can be actively used only when they are compatible with organizational 'Strategy - Structure - Culture'. We provide a digital transformation process beyond digitalization, this process is in parallel with the companies’ nature. In this respect, we deliver expert support through digital maturity analysis and roadmap studies.

As StratejiCo., we help our clients in their decision-making process, we do necessary work for establishing a digital culture. We also support them in the process of applying a digital data-based management model which gives priority to the client who intersects at the physical and digital spheres.

How do we help? 

Thanks to the unique maturity models we base and our specialized knowledge in different topics, we reveal the big picture to the corporation. So that the corporation becomes able to evaluate itself, its ecosystem and technologic developments. We develop the corporate digital transformation framework for a consistent and successful transformation. We evaluate different alternatives together for corporations to get a fast result, by applying an Agile approach in reorganizing and digitalizing process’. Moreover, we support the business’ to access different tools and expertness in the wide digital world according to their necessities.




By conducting an agile transformation in the horticulture sector, Royal FloraHolland creates new opportunities for its growers and customers. It provides valuable lessons for the organizations that seek to reinvent themselves in the digital age while keeping their business stable.
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