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                                                           1 Mart 2019


We began the second article of these series with ‘’None of the living beings show a behavioural difference if the motivation is low.’’. We can state this sentence also as nobody wants to work or to change without motivation. In the last passages, we mentioned that there may be several ways to derive motivation.


Management science that has been invented after the industrial revolution based its first theories and their implication on the fact that human beings are lazy and do not want to work. First, slavery-ish methods and then prize-punishment methods have been used as a means to increase motivation and performance. The main of all these methods was to make employees work more efficiently and thus to gain competitive advantage.


Today, we know that this assumption of management science is not true, but actually negative motivation – punishment treatment – is not effective as positive, and also people like their work under right conditions and perform their highest at the jobs they perceive as their hobbies. It might have happened to all of us: sometimes, it feels like a magical fairy lands on our shoulders, and we do not even notice how the time flows.


The key matter here is this: if motivation (our magical fairy) can make us forget time and all our surroundings, in other words, can put us into the flow, how can we manage it?


As I have mentioned in my last article, the most effective, yet the most dangerous type of motivation that can bend the time and the place is medication and drugs. I do not refer to prescribed drugs, but either way, use of drugs is unfortunately more common than ever in the history. It seems that cannabis will be legal. Therefore, the definition of Flow is commonly used among drug consumers.


Besides medication and drugs, computer games can have the same impact. The number of people that play games for hours has exceeded millions, and about to reach billions. It is possible that soon the number of E-Olympics watchers will be more than physical Olympics. Scientific research proves that games become addictive due to the hormones secreted.


These two methods are the only cure for the ‘’useless class’’ that will stem according to historian Harari. Additionally, there is the global minimum wage application. It is being tested in countries such as Finland and Canada. Unemployed people are getting paid around 400 Euros monthly. With this application, they try to surpass a global reaction started by this class.


Shortly, capitalism relies on the death triad - drugs, e-sports, and alms – to save itself.


If you are working and the triad does not suit you, then only few methods are left. The most common of these methods are loving your job and/or working for charity. These methods are not an alternative for capitalism, in fact are supporters, but they can be a solution for not wasting your life until an alternative has been found.


There are many approaches to this subject. I would like to tell you about the method we have developed at StratejiCo.. Of course, it is not the only and the best method (presumably, who knows), but it works extremely.


Our Magical Fairies start by considering you personally. They ask you to think of the most important goal ahead of yourself. You keep it to yourself. Then, our Magical Fairies start telling your fortune of motivation.




As the first step, our Fairies ask you what the most important drivers are in order to achieve your goal. If I were to give an example, imagine that your boss wants to get profit. Then, she/he has to activate two drivers: the cost of goods sold and its price. Either decrease the cost or increase the price. She/he develops strategies accordingly, implements them, sets KPIs for the employees etc.. Briefly, if you have a goal in life, you have to know somehow to get there. Many pieces of research demonstrate that employees that know what to do and why enjoy their work more than the ones that are told how to do their job. Daniel Pink calls it ‘autonomy’. Think of your own. Money, doing what you love, working for charity?


Our Fairies question what kinds of capabilities-enablers you must have to activate your driving forces – second step. For example, do you need training? Or do you need coaching? Technical infrastructure of logistics? Capital-budget? Time? Of course, your goal, your drivers and necessary capabilities must be coherent and aligned. Our Fairies looks for answers to questions of whether you have trust in yourself and also enough capabilities, and if now which capabilities you must develop.


What is the meaning of reaching this goal for you? What are the magical stones showing the path to you, helping you to differentiate right and wrong on this road, so what are the values? This is the third step of our Fairies while looking at your fortune of motivation.


In the fourth step, you discuss what the barriers are which might prevent you to do all of these. These can be material or moral. For instance, lack of foreign language or anxiety under pressure.


In the fifth and last step, we learn what the motivators are which let you to go on this adventure and enjoy during the journey. Material, moral. External, internal. For instance; loving the job is an internal motivator whereas a high wage is an external motivator.


When you complete the steps, you determine your goal, driving forces, facilitators, barriers and motivators with our Fairies. You create the big picture. Well, where is your job in this big picture? Our Fairies ask the last question in this step: What are the factors which create meaning in your job?


Now, lets come to the most mysterious step. Somehow, our Fairies measure your current situation and your ideal situation in order to do all these works. Can you make this change happen? What should be the priorities for the change? What capabilities you should have? Where are you at when you are compared to others? And maybe the most important thing, what is your openness to change and speed (we call it Agilibility™), what is your Agilibility™ index? The Fairies instantly report these to you.


What can you do with this? All religions and philosophies say “First, know yourself”. If we know ourselves and what we want to do, we manage and balance our job and life accordingly. This is what we call being at work wholly. This is an achievement. Moreover, it is an extremely successful method to write a CV. One of our employees hanged this motivation work to his room at his home and he was thinking how much he got closer to his goal.


If you are a manager, you can learn your team’s Agilibility™ and you can organize personal and team development programs accordingly.


If top managers and bosses are applying an openness to change or a change program to their companies, they can use this to measure the program’s success.


How? Contact one of our Fairies doing this job who has contact information below and they will be just next to you immediately. They are real experts of motivation and high performance.

Stay in the flow!

İnanç Civaz

Oya Öztürk


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