Employer Brand and Employee Engagement

The meaning of "employer brand" is the image which makes you attractive or repellent in the eyes of the target audience. Employees and shareholders determine the image of the organization. The internal and external communication activities help this image to become more consistent but you can not provide employee loyalty only with communication.

As StratejiCo., we measure the performance of every department in your company with our patented EVE model (engagement)  and we detect which field requires development.

For production, we create a participative workforce which increases the level of productivity, innovation, and quality. For sales, we build a bridge between you and your clients in order to turn your trade actions into sustainable relationships.

What is at stake? 

Most companies possess a value chain including the supply, production, and sales. Communication between these departments is crucial for an organization to create value, greater than the sum of its parts. However, relations between these departments are often inadequate. More important, the lack of internal collaboration can lead to missed opportunities. For a company to become an employer brand, analyzing the fields which require cooperation and working on them are crucial.

What do we promise? 

StratejiCo. promises engagement, innovation, and productivity at the workplace. While doing this, we create an impact and make a difference with our measurable model. We help organizations become more collaborative and accurate both internally and externally. Companies exponentially increase their value in all fields, once each department understands how it can support the others. With this way, organizations as a whole create value, greater than the sum of its parts.

How do we help? 

As StratejiCo. we provide relationship-based contributions in each department and measure the performance with our ‘EVE® engagement’ model. This way, we detect which field's performance needs development. For the supply chain, we help build and establish profitable relationships with your suppliers. For production, we create an engaged workforce that increases productivity, quality, and innovation. For sales, we help you engage with your customers by transforming trade actions into sustainable relationships.


"With one-on-one interviews and workshops, they gained employees' trust. They proved that employees can make a change when they work together. They know really well where foreign capital is most sensitive."
AVON Turkey
"I am thankful for the devotion of every member of the crisis management team. The report StratejiCo. created for us sets an example of quality for us as well as for other companies."
"We will be more than happy to work with you in our future projects."


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