EVE Model

Our operational model EVE is based on this idea: "The better relations a company has, the better business results it will get."

StratejiCo.’s award-winning EVE model (engagement) allows decision-makers to measure and make developments for increasing the level of engagement of their target audiences. The results demonstrate the level of relation between the client/employee/stakeholder. Moreover, it gives the reasons behind this level of relations and the outcomes of the experience.

Successful engagement campaigns lead to various business success, such as higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and sustainable reputation. It also builds influence in the fields of public policymaking and community support. 

This model provides the necessary data to determine the story behind the numbers. Lastly, the model reveals the informal organizational network by finding the main influencers, activists, and detractors. This provides an opportunity to choose the best storytellers for your cause. 

Our award-winning engagement research model, enable us to provide businesses with actionable knowledge. Furthermore, the model also helps us to measure our own performance and provide greater accountability towards our clients.

Relations Experience
Activist Influence Devotion
Supporter Advocacy Dedication
Retainer Loyalty Commitment
Transaction Satisfaction Performance
Awareness Intention Favorability
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