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Gaziosmanpaşa has been assigned as the biggest urban transformation area in Istanbul. As StratejiCo. we helped our client to understand the needs and the requests of the local community, to communicate benefits of the project, and to ensure support of the voters.


Inadequate infrastructural system and illegal housing was the biggest issue in the Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul. Problems related to economic and social conditions, rapid population growth and insufficient housing supply were the reasons behind this problem. Urban regeneration was declared as the solution and the district became the largest urban transformation area in Istanbul. This giant project stirred fears due to concerns about resettlement, loss of property value, and other social problems.


We conducted a comprehensive survey to understand the expectations of the community regarding a sustainable urban life. The results were transformed into a communication and community engagement strategy. Based on the strategy, the leadership values of Gaziosmanpaşa’s mayor were highlighted and specific urban projects were developed within the ‘GOP model.’ In addition, an internal communication campaign was launched with the goal to make the employees of Gaziosmanpaşa’s Municipality advocates of the GOP Model.


Public consultation meetings were done with Gaziosmanpaşa residents and communication projects helped the communities to better understand the benefits of urban transformation and also support the municipality.

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