“Thanks to Agile approach we created a cultural transformation that 'belongs to us'. Our workplace became somewhere in which we are now more excited, dynamic, happy and efficient.”

One of the most successful family business of Turkey, İnci Holding, has decided to manage the company with projects in order to make the company ready for the future. For applying this decision, research and assessment have been done within the company. A team which aims to apply an admiral project which will fit the company’s structure, has been formed and the work started.


The obligation to produce faster and better quality outputs in the age of digitalization, insufficiency of current competencies and the challenge to protect the competitive advantage were all debate topics for İnci Holding. The company wanted to change its management structure to be able to satisfy the evolving employee demands and to have a faster administration. They asked StratejiCo. to apply Management with Projects approach within the company.


In the first step, we made an extensive check-up including workshops, one to one interviews and Agilibility research. We assessed the current situation of the company. Moreover, we created the network map which we use to detect the influential people in the company. Because those influential people are the ones whom you would like to see on your side while creating a change. 

The goal of this check-up which includes qualitative and quantitative research was understanding the working culture of the company, detecting the problems in the current project management, determining the employees’ perception of the company and project management, showing priorities and the possible fields of improvement.

We determined İnci Holding’s structure, capabilities, motives which will lead to the company to its goal and also the barriers which may slow down this development process. Overall, we displayed their capability of adaptation to change.

After understanding the current situation, we defined the fields which need to be developed for evolution to an Agile company. We made the distinction clear between the current and ideal situation.

We determined the “Persona” profiles in the Design Thinking Workshop and we analyzed the necessities and demands based on them, we evaluated the major problems and their root causes. Problems and issues were categorized according to their importance and priority. Furthermore, the fields which are able to create added value based on a quotient scale are indexed in the Project Management Influence-Performance map and the fields which require focus are revealed.

After the Agile Approach training, a competent team is formed including the employees who are eager to solve the company’s problems. In a workshop conducted with this team, we determined the admiral project and started its application.


İnci Holding has formed its first Agile Team with members from different disciplines and started its first sprint. The team mentioned that with the more transparent relations, also with the meaning and joy they find in their work, their motivation has increased. Now, the team is working for spreading the Agile Approach to the holding’s other departments. Company’s employees continue to practice the approach, based on the Agile Guide written by StratejiCo., and write articles on the topic for collective learning.

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