Main Processes

Our main processes consist of seven steps. These steps are attached to each other, but they can also be applied separately. In our processes, we generally follow these steps and adapt each of them to the sector and situation.


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As a company carrying research and data analysis in its DNA, we are fully aware that accurate, correct and qualified information is required for obtaining meaningful data and insight. We gather information about your stakeholders, company, sector, competitor, market, product or service by using different methods and from different sources.  Then, we filter and report it. 

As StratejiCo., we use different research methodologies in accordance with the business need and purpose, thus we can transform knowledge into action. We use many methods including market research, public opinion poll, social media reputation research, political research and new methodologies such as conjoint analysis that assesses the reaction on multi-features of goods/services.

Our services also include our EVE model (engagement) that draws the informal network in the organization and assesses employee engagement and our new yet award-winning Agilibility™ research method that paves the way for high performance. 



In this step, we transform the filtered dynamic information first into insight and then to action. We clearly analyze the current situation with Necessity Analysis Report. We determine the problems and risks which require your company’s focus, and also the opportunities. So that we can forecast a draft roadmap of a possible project. 



As StratejiCo., our goal is to create change. In order to make this change happen, we detect the fields you need to adapt and develop. In other words, we demonstrate the distinction between 'what you dream for your company and what you are able to do for it'. We start by determining the values and abilities set which will support the demanded change and then we demonstrate its differences with the current situation. 



In this step, we focus on a project which will have a leverage effect. This project needs to be:

  • Primary and distinct
  • Primary and easy & fast to apply
  • Primary and charged

We evaluate this rating with participatory methods. Then, we determine the sources and we create the team which will be able to achieve the solution most efficiently. 



We have an integral perspective based on 'Strategy – Structure – Culture' for each project. As your strategic partner, we work with you at each step in order to make your evolution easily manageable. 



In our communication works, we focus on increasing the number of supporters and general motivation by providing engagement. So that the number of activists who support us also increases. Our mindset on communication and engagement projects is:

  • Provide employee and stakeholder participation
  • Communicate repeatedly & work on engagement
  • Manage the emotional response


We take the current conjuncture into consideration when we work on the heroes and success stories of the change. In our era, technology is cheaper then before but its usage is very efficient. For this reason, we use creative tools such as mobile applications or open platforms, to increase the two-way interaction and to accelerate the feedback mechanisms.



Thanks to our consistent feedback mechanism and our EVE model (engagement), we try to make your project experience infuse in your company's DNA. So, this learnable and measurable experience we have gained, can make your organization grow integrally. 


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