• 1987

    StratejiCo.’s predecessor, Strategic Research and Planning Company was founded by Selim Oktar.

  • 1994

    Strategic Research and Planning Company partnered with MORI (Market and Opinion Research International) to found Strateji | Mori, a leading research company in Europe.

  • 2000

    Strateji | Mori was awarded Most Reputable Company in its area of expertise by Istanbul University’s Faculty of Communication.

  • 2000

    World’s fourth-largest market research company GFK acquired the company’s market research operation. With the reconstruction of Strateji | Mori, Strateji was founded.  

  • 2005

    StratejiCo., an international strategic communications company was born after the reconstruction of Strateji.

  • 2008

    StratejiCo. entered into Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan markets and opened offices in Baku and Almaty.

  • 2011

    StratejiCo. expanded its communication activities by specializing in trade union relations, employee engagement and community engagement. StratejiCo. also started publishing business intelligence boosting report analyses.

  • 2015

    StratejiCo. opened an office in the Hague and started serving Dutch-based customers on-site.

  • 2017

    StratejiCo. started to support companies in cultural transformation and organizational structure. StratejiCo. also invested in the Agile Management and Digital Transformation areas. So it became the only consultancy firm which is able to create customized solutions for each customer, by using its 'Strategy – Structure – Cultural' framework.

  • 2018

    StratejiCo. opened its 2nd office in Europe at Brussels, in the heart of the bureaucracy. With its Dutch partner Dröge & van Drimmelen (, StratejiCo. continues to serve European firms in the fields of public administration and corporate communication.

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