Research and Data Analysis

Founded in 1987 as a Strategic Research company and then partnered with one of the greatest research groups MORI Group in 1994, StratejiCo. has research and data analysis in its DNA.

In the light of our world-class analysis and our models based on more than 30 years of experience, we carried out the most successful political campaigns in Turkey, we helped many national and international institutions and public enterprises with their projects. We are aware that this valuable information should be transformed into value-added actions. We continue our practices in different services by using different research methods together with our strategic partner Era Research

What is at stake? 

Whether you want to release a new product and understand your customer,  enter a new market, or solve a simple problem in your organization, in order to attain meaningful data, you will need to conduct research. Conducting the research in the shortest time, using the most appropriate methods requires expertise. But transforming the insights into value-added information requires expertise, competence, and experience all together.

What do we promise? 

As StratejiCo., we use different research methodologies in accordance with the business needs and goals, thus we can put the knowledge into action. Our works include market research, public opinion poll, social media reputation research, political research and new methodologies such as 'conjoint analysis' which assesses the reaction on multi-features of goods or services.

Additionally, we serve our clients with our experience-based, award-winning EVE model (engagement) that depicts the informal network in the organization and assesses employee engagement. We also have a new yet award-winning AgilibilityTM research method that paves the way for high performance.

How do we help? 

For any action to be successful, your goal should be clear. As the second step, you try to attain information and insight to create a strategy. You must also design a roadmap that will guide you towards your goal.

As StratejiCo., we help you to clarify your goal and design your strategic roadmap. We recommend the research method which will align with your goal, then we prepare the customized research and analyze it. You will be amazed when you experience how easily the provided insight turns into action.


As StratejiCo. we helped FloraHolland, a global leader in the floriculture sector, to gather insight about the flower sector in Turkey, build relationships, and engage the public and private stakeholders.
"We will be more than happy to work with you in our future projects."
Mitsubishi faced a challenge while determining the volume of its sales and operations in Turkey. As StratejiCo. we advised the correct business strategy based on market research.
One of Turkey’s biggest private banks Yapı Kredi was trying to understand the market demand of credit card ownership. StratejiCo.’s advice helped the company’s management be prepared for unexpected market conditions.


Our survival effort is only achieved by sharing and cooperation. Customer experience splashes over the transactional relationship. We created institutions, politics, nations and money through imagined reality. Now, we are taking political and emotional positions towards intangible and abstract organizations.
Foreign investors and multinational companies often face the difficulty of understanding the corporate culture in Turkey. Cultural differences create disharmony, inefficiency and lack of cooperation among business units, which in turn negatively affect business goals.
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