Social Media Competition Analysis

What is at stake? 

In today’s fast-moving world, even so they are chaotic, social media platforms are an irreplaceable information source. Understanding social media correctly is inevitable for all brands, no matter the industry. This way, they can choose the right channel, clarify the situations related to their brands and thereby take effective actions.

What do we promise? 

How are the competitor products perceived in the market? What do consumers say about competitors? What do they appreciate and what do they criticize? What kind of action should be taken to weaken a competitor which is strong in a specific position? Can our brand offer an advantageous proposal where the competitor is weak? How the company’s business goals and priorities would be affected by all of these developments? This kind of critical questions is in the agenda of all the companies. The answers are in social media, they just need to be filtered, interpreted and explained.

How do we help? 

Without getting lost in big data, we work with a focus on meaningful and useful information for the brand. We pick strategic and relevant keywords for the brand, we use a location filter when requested and design qualitative and quantitative researches. With sentiment analysis, we determine how the perception has emerged. We measure the specific condition of the brand and its competitors based on the data.

In summary, we “listen” to the social media, interpret it, design competitor research and enlighten the strategic decision-making process with analysis based on data. Consequently, your brand does not only “know itself” but also sees the big picture and continues to develop.



"During the Agile teamwork, I've experienced how team members from different fields of expertise, can use this expertise together for a common goal."


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