Social Media Management

What is at stake? 

Since communication is now faster and more complex, it requires expertness to protect the corporate brand reputation and manage it. Huge changes may suddenly occur and not taking any measure beforehand may transform small problems into chronic issues. Today, social media determine the reputation and reflect the crisis. It may be the cause of government or corporate takedowns and at the same time of many beneficial developments.

What do we promise? 

Today, without putting the client in the heart of the business, it is not possible to reach the business goals. If used successfully, social platforms are the secret power of all brands. Using this power in favor of the brand requires meaningful content based on information and insight, following the information flow and evolution of the content. These are essential not only for the brand reputation or crisis management but also for observing the market and easily intervening it with producing goods or services in demand. Successful usage and management of social media can make a difference with the competition.

How do we help? 

At StratejiCo. we work with experts who serve your company’s strategic goals through producing, publishing and moderation of content. We follow important topics for your brand based on data, detect how the brand reputation emerges through sentiment analysis, closely monitor insights and report regularly. Beyond the standard reporting, we quickly recognize the meaningful changes. We produce brand-specific social media posts, creative content, and we manage and moderate them. With our detailed monitoring system and consistent communication with the client moderation team, we intervene in the issues before they become a problem. In the brand management process, we contribute to your business goals with action-taking analysis and guidance.


"During the Agile teamwork, I've experienced how team members from different fields of expertise, can use this expertise together for a common goal."
HellEnergy, brand of an energy drink whose country of origin is Hungary, made a launch campaign to increase its brand recognition in Turkey and they were given support and consultancy service with strategic brand communication and reputation management. The impression of the campaign on social media and internet was observed with interest and reported periodically with opponent analyses. In the direction of the observations, suggestions were presented in order for the campaigns in the future to make bigger impressions.


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